Dear Mr. Jusuf Sjariffudin,

I wrote this e-mail to inform you about my resignation (my last day will be at October, 5th) and to say thank you for all knowledge, inspiration and opportunity that I have got during my service at Jatis.

I remember five years ago, when I still a student, I got a project from student cooperation of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) to develop and implement minimarket, accounting and membership information system. I worked together with my friends from computer science students’ research laboratory. Even though we were skilled programmers (compared to other students in our class), we failed to deliver the software to the client. At that time, I realized that we lacked the skills on project management and software engineering methodology. Our programming skill was not much help when we faced business software project with the real client.

I also have worked on other software projects during my study in UGM, unfortunately none of them being used in production. I decided, then, that I must work in an IT company that has proper and mature software engineering methodology after I graduated. That is the reason why I eagerly joined Jatis (which has maturity level 3 in CMM) and enrolled Jatis Development Program, even though that means I must leave the comfort of Yogyakarta for the crowd of Jakarta.

The JDP is just what I wanted, I learned about Parallel Track, the importance of understanding end-to-end transaction flow and how to handle clients. It’s also priceless when we were being taught by you, the CEO himself, with all your experiences in IT industry. I also got another priceless thing during JDP: the friendship with other JDP trainees.

It’s just unfortunate that I cannot apply all those knowledge that I got during JDP into practice in Mutiara project. It is as you have said, “Theory is easy; applying it into practice is difficult.” Things get better when I work in PLN-E project; we use standard software engineering tools: modeling (Enterprise Architect), version control (Subversion) and issue tracking (JIRA).

It is clear that things that I can really be proud of during my service at Jatis are not my own achievements, instead they are my other JDP friends’ achievements. Even though most of them are not from IT background, they can successfully deliver their projects.

Once again, I thank you for knowledge and friendship that I have got in Jatis. Both of them are priceless things. It is my regret that, despite being given so much things by Jatis, there are so little that I can contribute back to Jatis.

I wish you and Jatis every success. Jatis is not a “conventional” IT company, Jatis always moves and transforms dynamically. That’s why I believe that, under your leadership, Jatis will always be the best IT Company in Indonesia.

Best regards,

Sigit Dewanto

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